Review: 'Retro/Grade' is a Reverse Rhythm Winner

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You can master 24 Caret Games' reconfiguration of the rhythm game by way of reverse side-scrolling shooter Retro/Grade if you simply trust the beat. This game, made by the four-man team comprised of Scea vets is very simple in concept with its three-lane rhythm gameplay that finds complexity in its shooter wrapper.

But if you just trust the beat, you'll make it through the easier modes in this 10-level shooter--and you'll discover one of the downloadable highlights of 2012.

Retro/Grade story sets up the gameplay premise: old-school shooter pilot Rick Rocket has just beaten back an alien invasion, but the big boom of the final boss has caused a temporal rift, sending Rick plummeting backward through time. To fix the space-time continuum, Rick has to fight his way backwards through the entire battle, "un-firing" all of his shots while dodging reversing enemy attacks.

Immediately, the game will put you in
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