'The Newsroom' Season 1 Finale: 'The Greater Fool' Rushes In, Can't Help Falling in Love

Though not a strong episode, the season finale of "The Newsroom" was weirdly likeable by virtue of its commitment to sheer rom-com craziness. Because that is, for better or worse, what the show boils down to: A large serving of romance, with a side of news. What happened: This episode used one of the favorite gimmicks of "The Newsroom": Shifting back and forth between a "present" time (in this case, August 8, 2011) and the days or months leading up to that time. Will announces on air that the top story of the evening will revolve around one Dorothy Cooper, a woman ineligible to vote because she doesn't possess a driver's license. Eight days earlier: Mackenzie and bodyguard Lonny find Will bloody and unconscious in his bathroom. After having him rushed to the hospital, they're informed that Will has a bleeding ulcer because he's been taking too many anti-depressants. A possible cause of his gloom?
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