Tyra Previews The Biggest 'Antm' Makeover, Ever

Tyra Previews The Biggest 'Antm' Makeover, Ever
Tyra Banks is a machine. Not only is she the Executive Producer of Bankable Productions, but she's a celebrated supermodel, an Emmy-winning talk show host, one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People, a Harvard graduate, a New York Times best-selling author and a self-made businesswoman any girl (or man, for that matter) could aspire to.

But over the last few America's Next Top Model cycles, Tyra Banks, the machine, had also become Tyra Banks, the robot as she performed signature lines ("I have two girls standing before me" / "Smize!" / "You all know our fabulous prizes" / "Tk") with a delivery so identical, it bordered on self-imitation. Gone were the impromptu moments of year's past that made the modeling competition one of TV's most enjoyable, unpredictable and eventful reality shows.

So when it came time to plot the course for Cycle 19, and the future, Tyra took a cold, hard look at her show and performed an overhaul so severe
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