A Night in the Woods (2011) Movie Review

More “Blair Witch Project” style shenanigans arrive in the form of “A Night in the Woods”, a British effort which could at least never be accused of not living up to its title, following a trio of the usual types wandering around the moors and forests of Northern England. The found footage film was directed by Richard Parry (“South West 9”), who previously worked as a conflict zone cameraman, helming various documentaries in Iraq and Afghanistan, with cinematography by Simon Dennis (“The Sweeney”), and the international cast of American star Scoot McNairy (“Monsters”), Australian actress Anna Skellern (“The Descent: Part 2”) and up and coming British actor Andrew Hawley (“Snow White And The Huntsman”). The Vertigo Films release is set for a brief run in UK cinemas in early September, arriving shortly afterwards on DVD. The very recognisable plot follows an American called Brody (Scoot McNairy), his girlfriend Kerry (Anna Skellern
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