Selena Gomez: Did She Have A Diva Moment Filming Her New Movie?

A new report says that Selena was rude on the set of 'Parental Guidance Suggested' -- we can't imagine that she would be rude, can you? Do you really think Selena Gomez would act entitled on the set of her new movie? A new report claims that Selena refused to film scenes because it was too hot out and that it would cause her to deliver a less than perfect performance. "Selena told the director it was flat out too hot for her to deliver a good performance and wanted to wait for the temperature to cool down," a source tells Star. "Everyone else was out there, ready to shoot the scene, but Selena refused to leave her air-conditioned trailer. They were all furious at having to wait around all day until the sun went down just because of her." Tell us if you believe Selena would really act like this!
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