New ‘Looper’ Poster Teases Consequences of Time Travel Self-Assassination

A new poster for Looper, the time-travelling action flick that pits Bruce Willis against a younger, bounty-hunting version of himself (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) has been released, further emphasizing the connection between the two characters. While ostensibly playing the same guy, Gordon-Levitt’s interpretation of his character in Looper breaches a specific level of imitation, made pretty evident in the image.

Past posters for Looper have emphasized the film’s intricately designed time-travelling capsule among other things, but this latest one-sheet continues the film’s stark, all-white motif.

The poster isn’t very revealing of Rian John’s complex time-travel tale but the previously released comprehensive Looper synopsis explains that in the future, but also in the past, a group of hired guns known as ‘loopers’ are tasked with eliminating any target that is sent their way. Those targets however, are ...

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