Marvel Studios Lends A Hand To "Iron Fist"

Development continues on Marvel Studios' evolving feature film project  "Iron Fist" , adapting the Marvel Comics super-powered martial-arts character, with a screenplay by Rich Wilkes ("XXX"). 

'Iron Fist' aka 'Danny Rand', a practitioner of martial arts was created by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gil Kane, debuting in "Marvel Premiere" #15 (May 1974).

Co-creator Thomas said that the origins of Iron Fist owes much to writer/illustrator Bill Everett's 1940's comic book superhero, "Amazing-Man".

"I'd seen my first kung fu movie, even before a Bruce Lee one came out," said Thomas, "and it had a thing called 'the ceremony of the Iron Fist' in it."

"I thought that was a good name, and we already had 'Master of Kung Fu' going, but I thought, 'Maybe a superhero called 'Iron Fist', even though we had 'Iron Man', would be a good idea'. Stan (Lee) liked the name,
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