Box Office: The Bourne Legacy is Expendable

The combined muscle of “The Expendables 2″ boys (and, er, girl) was more than enough to dethrone lone badass Aaron Cross of “The Bourne Legacy” from the #1 spot at the box office over the weekend. In its debut, “The Expendables 2″ charged to the top with an not-unexpected first place finish with $28.7 million. That’s a bit lower than industry expectations, though, and more importantly, it failed to match or exceed the original’s $34.8 million opening from two weeks ago. I guess the luster has worn out a tad the second time around, which should worry Stallone and company plenty despite the fact that the sequel is clearly miles better than the original. The Jeremy Renner-fronted “The Bourne Legacy”, meanwhile, fell to second place in week two, adding another $17 million to its total, giving it $69.5 million Stateside so far and $97 million worldwide. With the film still to open in more action friendly territories,
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