'Expendables 2,' 'ParaNorman,' And More: Double Feature Friday!

'Expendables 2,' 'ParaNorman,' And More: Double Feature Friday!
"The Expendables 2" & "Rambo: First Blood II," "Commando," and "Die Hard"

The new "Expendables" is too big to simply recommend one movie for a pairing. To prepare the right way, you're going to have to go back to the origin of the 80s action genre. The three icons at the center of this all-star have a number of great action movies to their names, but these three are the ones that made these men gods. An action marathon of epic proportions is the only way to do this team-up justice.

"ParaNorman" & "The Night of the Living Dead"

Critics are praising "ParaNorman" for its humor and reference for the zombie movies that it sends up. To prepare, go back to the original George A. Romero zombie movie, the one that started it all. The original "Night of the Living Dead" plays out much differently than you typical reanimated corpse movies of today.
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