AfterElton Briefs: Matthew Mitcham is an Animal, Spongebob Threatens Ukrainian Kids, and Analyze this "American Horror Story" Teaser

Here is last week's caption pic winner. This week's caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is ...

"If you want to catch a Matthew Mitcham (proper name: homo aquaticus) in the wild to keep as a pet at home, you have to use the right bait."

Thanks to joeyhegele for this week's winning caption!

Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on Ae). Mark Salling (above) is 30, Madeleine Stowe is 54, Wesley Eure is 61, Sean Penn is 52, Edward Norton is 43, Donnie Wahlberg is 43, Peter Gallagher is 57, John Stamos is 49, and Mika is 29. Jr Bourne is joining the cast of Revenge in a recurring role as "Raymond, a magnetic, self-assured, Hamptons resident who tries to hide his rough edges behind his fancy clothes and Mercedes." But don't worry, he isn't leaving Teen Wolf.
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