Take This Sequel to Take This Lollipop

Anyone who has seen the Emmy-winning short film Take This Lollipop knows what an absolutely unique and downright chilling piece of interactive filmmaking it is. We knew it wouldn't be long until word of a sequel broke.

According to CNN, filmmaker/creator Jason Zada hopes to launch Take This Lollipop 2 by Halloween. "The people were such a huge part of making the first one so successful -- there was really nothing else that made it successful other than people talking about it and people writing about it," said Zada.

"We want to take it a step further," Zada continued. "We think there's an interesting story we're developing that, if you spoiled some of the details, would spoil some of the experience."

"It changed my career," said star Bill Oberst, Jr. "I'm doing feature after feature. I'm doing four in a row right now, and that's all because of the reaction to 'Lollipop'.
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