First Clip from Pixar's Toy Story Short Film Partysaurus Rex

We recently showed the first images from the upcoming "Toy Story" short, called "Partysaurus Rex," which is set appear in front of theatrical showings of "Finding Nemo 3D" on September 14th. In the movie, Rex puts his tiny arms to good use by turning on the water in a bath tub and gets the party going, which leads to a sort of bubble-filled rave, complete with glow-in-the-dark toys, disco lights and dance music. "What I was going for was, you move to a new town and make new friends, and suddenly you think you have this chance where you can reinvent yourself," said director Mark Walsh ("Finding Nemo" animator). "I love that Rex, in his sweetness, thinks he can reinvent who he is in the image of a party animal." Clip:
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