Lars von Trier Issues Challenge to Recreate Famous Art With ‘Gesamt’

  • The Film Stage
With either gearing up for their next outings and, in one’s case, having a fair share of future projects to choose from, it’s becoming more and more clear that Martin Scorsese and Lars von Trier will never make their own Five Obstructions. (Read here to know why this should be a huge disappointment.) In a weird way, though — i.e., I have a habit of reading too much into announcements — the latter’s newest enterprise might be a way of fulfilling this creative desire.

A press release from the Copenhagen Art Festival has announced Gesamt, von Trier‘s challenge to anybody (anybody!) with the right creative impulse: take “six great works of art,” create a film or audio recording that takes direct inspiration from it, and submit your work for this project. Director Jenle Hallund will help shape the final piece, picking the best titles and creating something.
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