Are ‘Go On’ and ‘Animal Practice’ worth your time?

As my colleague Kate Kulzick pointed out last week, NBC has chosen to use the boost in ratings they’ve gained from their exclusive Us airing of the 2012 Summer Olympics to try and give some of their new shows a running start. Among the crowd that they’re hoping gains, and retains, an audience from the Olympics are two half-hour comedies; Animal Practice, about a cranky veterinarian and the staff of his hospital, and Go On, about a sportscaster and the members of his group therapy session. Intrigued at the promise of new comedies from NBC, which has, in recent years, created interesting shows such as Community, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock, I decided to see what the pilots of these shows promised for the future.

Animal Practice

From first glance, this show is seemingly a tired retread of a lot of things we’ve seen before, with no real addition.
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