Weekly Poll Results: Best Matthew McConaughey Movie

Well alright alright... Matthew McConaughey was the subject of last week's poll and according to Film Junk readers, Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused is his finest work to date. Apparently he peaked pretty early in his career. Coming in at #2 was Contact followed closely by A Time to Kill, easily his two most successful films from the '90s. Bill Paxton's Frailty and Rob Bowman's Reign of Fire rounded out the top 5. It's not too often that a Spielberg movie pulls up the rear in a Film Junk poll, but Amistad came in dead last with just 2.7% of the votes. Do you agree with these results? Could there still be big things on the horizon for McConaughey? 1. Dazed and Confused -- 39.6% 2. Contact -- 12.4% 3. A Time to Kill -- 11.4% 4. Frailty -- 8.7% 5. Reign of Fire -- 7.7% 6. The Lincoln Lawyer -- 7.4% 7. Magic Mike -- 3.7% 8. Lone Star -- 3.4% 9. We Are Marshall
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