The Glee Project Recap: Less Than Perfect

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So, this was what happened on The Glee Project this week!

See you all for the finale!

Oh, all right, other stuff happened too...

It’s Actability week on The Glee Project. Aside from gratuitous shirtlessness, there were fisticuffs, melodrama and a shocking surprise ending.

The Homework Assignment is "Addicted to love" by Robert Palmer. Only Michael has heard it and he seems delighted. Lily makes a disparaging comment about how "it’s so 80’s" which guarantees her removal from Snicks’ Christmas card list. Dianna Agron is the Celebrity Judge. And for an additional twist, as they are performing, she will hold up a flashcard with an emotion on it that they have to portray while singing.

Michael ends up winning for his determined face. I didn’t really see how he was better than Aylin, but I was happy he got a W. The song of the week is Pink’s "Perfect.
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