Manning up for The Expendables 2 - The Chuck Norris Rampage

Tom Jolliffe mans up in preparation for The Expendables 2, taking in an overdose of explosive action cinema with 'The Chuck Norris Rampage'...

Chuck Norris is brilliant. Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups, he just pushes the Earth down! His action man persona and his on-screen invincibility have become internet legend with thousands of different Chuck Norris “facts.” It’s something that started off as a joke but spiralled into pop culture to the point that people who’ve never seen a Chuck Norris film know who the guy is.

Watching back on many of his films and there’s just something about Norris that takes the excessive action of the 80s, the unstoppable badass, one many army thing above that of even Sly and Arnold. Norris has the stoic, quiet spoken and grimacing demeanour of Clint Eastwood. He’s got the muscular figure of his action brethren
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