‘Jane By Design’ Summer Finale: Billy’s Decision & 5 More Spoilers

Who will Billy choose? Who's coming back? And who will learn Jane's secret? HollywoodLife.com got all the scoop from creator April Blair! The tables officially turn on the July 31 summer finale of Jane By Design, with Billy (Nick Roux) now having to choose between girlfriend Zoe (Mariah Buzolin) and best-friend Jane (Erica Dasher). But creator April Blair tells HollywoodLife.com that Billy's big decision is just one of many major moments we can anticipate, along with Jane's two worlds colliding to the point where "everything is put in jeopardy." Here's what I learned: 1. Are Eli & Jane officially over? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Yes, Eli (Bryan Dechart) slept with India (India de Beaufort) last week, but April suggests we take a step back and examine both sides of the situation. "Jane and Eli have only been on one date," she explains. "One date and one kiss.
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