Junk TV Round-Up – Race To The Scene, The Equalizer, Vegas, React

  • Boomtron
Hey there, all you TV casualties with paint smears on everything you own. Until they put Prince Namor on the tube, here’s another junk TV round-up for you.

Dolph Lundgren, my girlfriend’s favorite actor (yes, clearly, she’s a bit of a weirdo), has got a new reality show in the works. I dunno about you, but put “Dolph Lundgren” and “unscripted series” together, and I smell a hit. That, or I need to take my garbage out. Ol’ Dolph is working with ReelzChannel for their first “non-scripted competition series” (y’know, like Hollywood Squares) entitled Race to the Scene. From that title, it sounds like a game-show for EMTs in training, but actually it’s a show wherein contestants run around to different actual movie locations and then compete in “challenges and stunts inspired by memorable movies.” Wow, does that sound thrilling. No word yet as to
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