London Olympics 2012: will BBC break TV ratings records?

BBC execs will be hoping Danny Boyle's opening ceremony will beat the ratings for the Diamond Jubilee Concert

A glance at the recent history books suggests two things about the BBC's coverage of the Olympics. First, that at least one aspect of its output will be controversial, whether it is inappropriate presenters, inadequate highlights, or a pair of shorts that are just too short.

Second, in ratings terms the BBC's Olympics programming will do to other broadcasters what Usain Bolt tends to do to the other runners in the 100 metres.

This year's Games are likely to be no different, with 2,500 hours of coverage across its various channels (including 24 dedicated Olympics services) and the corporation's critics lined up to seize anything as inappropriate as an 2012-themed sickbag.

The London 2012 Games, it can be reasonably assumed, will be the most popular ever with UK viewers, with BBC schedulers unhindered by the
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