Castle Season 5 – A New Antagonist for Beckett

Jack Coleman’s career hasn’t exactly been an exciting thing to keep track of ever since his last series regular position on Heroes was terminated along with the show itself. He’s wandered around since then, taking small parts on The Mentalist, The Vampire Diaries, and Criminal Minds, with his most significant role – and I use that term only relatively – being the love interest for both Angela and Oscar on The Office. Overall, there has not been much interesting work for Coleman since he hung up his horn-rimmed glasses. But things may be looking up now that he’s secured a tantalizing new part on Castle Season 5.

According to TVLine, Coleman will be slipping into the role of a U.S. Senator, which just so happens to be the profession of his character on The Office. The difference is The Office character was just a guy trying to hide his love for men,
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