Book Review: Mike Goodridge’s FilmCraft: Directing

  • ioncinema
As the fifth volume of Focal Press’s exceedingly readable and loving exploratory series of the filmmaking process, Mike Goodridge’s FilmCraft: Directing follows the success of its predecessors with expectedly enjoyable results. Featuring discussions with sixteen of the world’s most influential and exciting working directors and five profiles of authentic legends that help shaped cinema as we know it, the brisk 192 page collection manages to touch on a wide range of creative epicenters, their immensely differing ideologies on the medium, and the egotistic, yet somewhat ambiguous job that a film director’s capacity really encompasses. The book serves an intimate peak into the stressful task of helming a feature, whether it be a massive Hollywood extravaganza or a homegrown intimacy.

Broken down by filmmaker, each section is structured around a principal discussion by the director at hand, with a variety of asides that fill out the full color
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