The Dark Knight Rises bats Spider-Man away at the UK box office

The latest Batman movie withstands the heat, leaving The Amazing Spider-Man and all other new releases high and dry

The winner

Advance anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises was at fever pitch last week, prompting the inevitable speculation that box-office records would shatter. In truth, it was never likely that a 164-minute film, which didn't benefit from the price premium of 3D tickets, would ever reach the stratosphere of the top Harry Potter performer. Like recent Potter flicks, Christopher Nolan's film earned a 12A certificate, but its appeal to families was less potent. The Dark Knight Rises also faced the challenge of rising temperatures and sunny skies, which saw big box-office falls across the market, especially on Sunday. On the other hand, many had pre-booked their tickets for the Batman flick, so stuck with their plans to see it. Fan excitement for this kind of event picture usually survives
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