“Gathr is the Love Child of Netflix and Kickstarter”

Editor's note: Two weeks ago, we published our first in a series of pieces on crowd-sourcing platforms that are helping filmmakers get their work into theaters without a traditional wide release. Today, Scott Glosserman shares some background on his motivation for developing the new platform Gathr. By clearly laying out the benefits for all parties - filmmakers/content owners, theaters, and audiences - Glosserman makes the case that services like his can successfully broaden the reach of independent film. Gathr is a new web-based service that enables people to request their own theatrical screenings of a movie that otherwise would not be available to play at a theater near them. We are also a film distribution company that facilitates the local marketing of these screenings, the booking of the theaters, and the technical delivery. We're the would-be love child result of a super-sweet night on the town between Kickstarter and Netflix.
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