Oscar Nominee Demián Bichir Takes Flight in "The Runway"

Searching for the perfect summer family movie? Look no further than The Runway. This charming Irish comedy from first-time director Ian Power is based on the true story of a South American pilot who crash-landed in a small town in Ireland in the 1980s. Demian Bichir stars as Ernesto, the unlucky pilot who finds himself stranded in West Cork with precious cargo in hand. Unable to speak any English, Ernesto is at the mercy of Paco (Tff 2012 Whole Lotta Sole's Jamie Kierans), a precious nine-year-old boy whose overactive imagination and minimal knowledge of Spanish allow him to view Ernesto as a hero. Eager to help the marooned pilot after hearing Paco's inflated account of the mystery man, the eccentric townspeople come together to help Ernesto rebuild his plane. When Ernesto's story receives worldwide attention and accusers from his checkered past descend on West Cork, Paco and the villagers must defend
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