Twitter Report: Lindsay Lohan, Alan Moore, And The Heat Wave

If you happened to have found yourself in the middle of the current heat wave in the last few days, you may not have a whole lot else on your might right now. Feel free to borrow some rage from Evan Dorkin, though, because he feels your pain (and the heat).

Read on below, and you'll also see what prompted an prompted an alternative dating service to contact Dave McKean, Chris Ryall's response to comic book criticism from Alan Moore, and Jimmy Palmiotti's thoughts on Lindsay Lohan going to jail. Whether or not you agree with Eric Powell's message about "The Last Airbender," it's all waiting for you after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for July 7, 2010.

@evandorkin I know the earth hates us and all, and I understand, really I do. But this heatwave is bullsh-- and needs to stop. Like, now.
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