Exclusive: James Cotton joins the cast of 'Way Down In Chinatown'

By MoreHorror.com

The Way Down in Chinatown production team – being Eric Michael Kochmer, Jonathan Haloossim of 22Mm Productions and Angel Corbin and Maria Olsen, who co-own MOnsterworks66 – is extremely excited that James Cotton is now part of the WDiC cast.

Cotton plays Larry Fingers, the enigmatic piano player whose menacing presence – hidden behind a hat and dark glasses – will haunt the entire picture.

Cotton is the owner and creative director of The Lionfish Group (www.lionfishgroup.com), a full service production company, and also has audio, video and directing experience.

He does, in fact, have more than 30 years experience composing music for film, and it should therefore also come as no surprise that he will also be in charge of creating the soundtrack for the unique noir thriller that is Kochmer’s Way Down in Chinatown.

While racking up the credits as writer, director, producer, editor, casting director and production manager,
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