'Breaking Dawn 2' Teaser Snippet Arrives: Proves Not One Extra Cent Has Been Put Into Franchise's Effects

It's almost impossible to discuss the "The Twilight Saga" franchise. Riddled with preposterous concepts, terrible dialogue, stilted acting, bargain-bin basement effects and unitentionally funny plotting, you're still considered a hater if you're anything less than glowing about these pictures despite the fact that critics savage into them on a regular basis. Proof? The average score from the always generous and populist Rotten Tomatoes on all four films thus far is 37.7%.

As Summit/Liongsate hopes to streeeeeetch our their marketing for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," the last and final film in the 5 film series (though it was really just four books, with the final split in two to make more dough), they've delivered what is a cheap 10 second trailer. And yes, it's only 10 seconds, but lord, the effects! Were the snow scenes shot on the same lot that housed the Rankin/Bass children's special “The Year Without a Santa Claus
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