Bella Was Born For This: 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Gets Trailer

Bella Was Born For This: 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Gets Trailer
"Breaking Dawn Part 2," the final entry in the "Twilight Saga" (at least until that inevitable reboot), has a new teaser trailer, which also operates as a Rosetta Stone for vampire baby names.

"The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child," a concerned Edward (Robert Pattinson) says in the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" trailer, putting emphasis on the middle syllable of Renesmee.

"She was born, not bitten," now-vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart) says about her fast-growing child.

About all this: in the "Twilight" world, transforming children into vampires is verboten because children can't control their emotions. Thus, the Volturi -- the vampire version of the Cosa Nostra -- must snuff out bitten children before they kill too many humans and reveal the existence of vampires to the world.

Anyway, Edward and Bella -- along with Jacob and everyone else; "A lot of red eyes around here," your favorite werewolf marvels -- must fight the Volturi to save Renesmee.
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