Check in to your Comic-Con hotel with Stephen Amell of 'Arrow' and more

Okay, so that headline might have been a little misleading... but it's nice to dream, right?

Every year at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. TV takes over not only the convention center, but some of the hotels surrounding it -- and 2012's event is no different. This year, Warner Bros. has provided 38 surrounding hotels with over 40,000 room key cards to support their genre shows "Arrow," "666 Park Ave," and "Revolution."

The "Arrow" card features star Stephen Amell, who you might recognize from "The Vampire Diaries" or "Hung." (If you don't know him yet, trust us, you will -- though after seeing the first episode of the show, we wouldn't blame you if you got acquainted with his abs before you recognize his face.)

The "666 Park Avenue" card is appropriately creepy, given that it's a show about a seemingly haunted Manhattan apartment building... with very, very dangerous owners played by "Lost" star Terry O'Quinn
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