Ben Stiller Has Aged Quickly In New 'Walter Mitty' Photos

Ben Stiller Has Aged Quickly In New 'Walter Mitty' Photos
No, there hasn't been a new person cast as the title character in the upcoming remake of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." That is still Ben Stiller, despite the fact that he looks like he could be about 75 years old.

These new images from the film come courtesy of The Blemish, and show Stiller and his costar, Kristin Wiig, wearing some heavy prosthetics to look a lot older than they actually are. In fact, we didn't even recognize Stiller at first glance. Hopefully this isn't a sign of how he'll actually look when he gets to that age, because he's got quite the classic grandpa look going on.

Wiig, on the other hand, looks pretty much the same as she always does. Despite her unhappy expression, we've seen her put on crazier get-ups in Saturday Night Live.

Somehow we doubt she and Stiller spend the entire movie looking this elderly,
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