Hugh Laurie in Talks to Be 'Robocop' Bad Guy

Those of us who already miss House are getting some good news; Hugh Laurie is negotiating to be the main bad guy in the upcoming reboot of 1987's Robocop.

If these talks are successful, Laurie will be playing the cruel CEO overlord of Omnicorp, the very company that made Robocop as well as other heavy security automatons.

The new Robocop is set to be directed by Jose Padilha, who, well, apparently has done a bunch of documentaries that I've never seen. Joel Kinnaman from The Killing has signed up to be Robocop himself, and Gary Oldman will be the technical scientist behind Robocop's creation. Samuel L. Jackson has also been enlisted for the project and will likely play a character very similar to Samuel L. Jackson.

I don't quite know how I feel about this remake yet, but I will say this: Hugh Laurie is awesome. Hugh Laurie is
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