Everything We Know About 'Django Unchained' So Far

Quentin Tarantino making a Western sounds like the coolest coupling of director and genre since Scorsese noodled with the mafia, and judging from the rootin' tootin' trailer for "Django Unchained," it just might live up to our cinema-junkie expectations.

For his smash hit "Inglourious Basterds," Tarantino gave Jews their ultimate revenge fantasy by allowing Eli Roth to smoke Hitler, and we loved every minute of it. Now imagine him applying that same gonzo, pop culture-laden sensibility to a freed African-American slave riding dusty trails, scouting filthy saloons, or going up against heaps o' redneck crackers with itchy trigger fingers. Now you get the picture.

Here's all you should possibly know to get in the saddle with the "Pulp Fiction" maestro for his trip to the wild, wild ... South?

Release Date

December 25

Most Wanted List

For the title slave-turned-gunslinger, Jamie Foxx beat out the formidable likes of Will Smith, Idris Elba
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