Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley! Today, June 13, You’re 26 Years Old

We wish the Olsen twins a very happy birthday! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, you've grown up in front of our eyes as a member of Full House and went on to college and then started your own clothing line. We wish you the very success in life, so happy birthday for you two! Happy birthday, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Born under the sign of the twins (Gemini), it's no wonder you led such parallel lives in show business, playing the same adorable daughter on the hit series 'Full House.' With your creative Leo rising, you certainly both have the entertainment bug, and your self-images are powered by recognition for your talents. This year, the cosmos will attempt to reveal any holes in your boat as it glides towards creative aspirations. If you feel like you're sinking, the skies are just offering you a nudge in a better direction. Now
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