In Theaters: 'Safety Not Guaranteed' For 'Prometheus;' 'Madagascar 3' May Be The Weekend's 'Dark Horse'

Hello, and happy Friday! There is quite a presence of quieter subject matter this week, including an unassuming musician and Edward Cullen playing a human version of his lothario self. But of course, no shortage of big screen adventures in 3D either. And, amidst the hailstorm of big-budget summer flicks, I’ve been wondering the following: is Hollywood working toward an ultra version of the big-budget summer flick? Combining the hugest ideas into the über-Blockbuster, if you will. For example, what would happen if a bunch of animals and Snow White were shot into space with a team of androids, began to wreak mass pandemonium on the galaxy, and had to be put down by the ultimate intergalactic crimefighting team of the Men in Black and the Avengers? Well, maybe that’s the subject of the fourth installment of the “Madagascar” franchise. Or the plot to the "Snow White and the Huntsman
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