'Prometheus' Vs. 'Madagascar': A Weekend Box-Office Preview

'We're giving the slight edge to 'Prometheus,' BoxOffice.com expert says of this weekend's competition.

By Ryan J. Downey

Michael Fassbender in "Prometheus"

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

"Prometheus" predecessor "Alien vs. Predator" was something dreamed up in comic books that eventually made its way to theaters. This weekend, the big-screen baddies who originated in the 1979 classic "Alien" will battle perhaps their most fearsome foe yet: animals. Furry, brightly colored, cartoon animals. With celebrity voices.

Whether the actual Xenomorphs seen in the movies that preceded Ridley Scott's new (sort-of) prequel show up onscreen won't be spoiled here. But one thing is for certain: "Prometheus" will face off against "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" this weekend in a box-office race observers say will be extremely close.

"Our predictions are a $51 million opening for 'Prometheus' and a $49 million opening for 'Madagascar,' which is our way of saying it's a coin flip,
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