Gloria Allred's 10 most high-profile legal cases and scandals

The celebrity lawyer's newest client is the former girlfriend of the accused face-eating cannibal in Miami – and that's not a surprise

The news that celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is now representing Yovanka Bryant, the former girlfriend of accused Miami face-eating cannibal Rudy Eugene is perhaps the least strange event in that shocking story.

Wherever and whenever something bizarre or perverse or just plain gossipy hits America's front pages, Allred is never far behind, snapping up clients and holding news conferences. Bryant was due to tell her story at a press conference in Miami on Wednesday.

Here are 10 of the strangest and most high-profile cases that she has been involved in.

The Oj Simpson trial

In 1995 the murder trial of Oj Simpson was quite simply the biggest story in the world. The blanket media coverage and media obsession helped shape the current landscape of celebrity justice and trial by cable TV.
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