A Conversation About 3D With Chris Parks of Vision 3

We’ve written a great deal about 3D on HeyUGuys over the years, much of it has given an insight into the technical aspects of filming in 3D.

Chris Parks of Vision 3 has recently worked on Jack The Giant Killer and Gravity, and has recently spoken at length about the effect 3D can have on an audience. We caught up with him recently, and discussed this, as well as the effect lenses and composition can have on a 3D film.

One of the topics you have spoken previously spoken about is that films have a tendency of ‘not quite getting 3D right’. I’m curious if I can get you to elaborate on that please.

The biggest fear with 3D since Avatar, in this current resurgence – this ‘quality’ resurgence is the accusation of gimmick. All productions are afraid of it, all directors are trying to avoid it, and this has led to the belief that,
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