'Men in Black 3': Pros And Cons

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This weekend, "Men in Black 3" finds Will Smith donning the Ray Bans once again for another intergalactic adventure as Agent J. In the threequel, J must travel back to the year 1969 to prevent the assassination of his partner, Agent K. With the Apollo 11 mission looming in the background, J works alongside a much younger -- but still surly -- K (Josh Brolin) to ensure that the timeline remains unchanged. It's been ten years since we last saw the Mib, and that cinematic outing was poorly received. Despite the new installment's well-documented script problems can the new flick follow suit? Let's find out in this week's Pro-Con. (Mild Spoilers Follow) Pro: It's better than "Men in Black II" The second movie was one of the most unnecessary, forgettable and humorless viewing experiences ever. This is a much more harmless attempt at a sequel. Con: That's not saying much Number three isn't awful,
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