Still Lying: How "House" Ended The Series

Still Lying: How
It would not be true to the spirit of House to get all sappy at the end – the show didn’t and there’s no reason for us to either. Most of the series’ last hour seemed bizarrely off, not like House at all as he sat in a burning building, visited by the ghosts and hallucinations of friends, employees and cast members past, apparently suicidal enough to stay there. Was Hugh Laurie’s House ever so passive before? I’m not saying I saw the twist coming, (and if you haven’t seen the finale, read the rest of this later), just that the off-kilter scenario seemed a lame, atypical way for the series to end. Sure enough, House had one final, delicious last-minute trick that did a lot to redeem the wrong-headed fiery plot leading up to it. The clue came early on, pre-fire, when House’s team
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