The Collective Signs YouTuber Hannah Hart of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

Hannah Hart is very popular on YouTube. Since she posted her first installment of My Drunk Kitchen back on March 16, 2011, the Bay Area native and funny lady has amassed over 258,000 subscribers and 22.5 million views on the world’s largest video sharing site. That’s across her 18-or-so installments of the original web series (where she pretends to be a domesticated Western iteration of Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master, except with seemingly unpalatable results that even this guy would have trouble getting excited about eating), a handful of vlogs, and at least one music video where she wants you to show her your noms. Because of that popularity and because of Hart’s skills in front of the camera and as a scribe, she’s received a healthy amount of attention from would-be managers and agents who would love to rank her amongst their clients. Hart recently signed with a handful
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