Interview: Director Nadine Labaki Wonders ‘Where Do We Go Now?’

Chicago – The morality of conflict is brought to form in the new film, “Where Do We Go Now?,” written and directed by Nadine Labaki. This is a speculative fable about a small town in Lebanon that lives in harmony, as long as they are stay away from religious battles that plague the rest of the country. The town loves their peace, and the women there want to keep it that way.

Nadine Labaki is a native of Lebanon, and grew with the continuous warfare associated with the country. Her escape was the television screen, where she both observed the outside world and absorbed all the films she could rent. This led to a lifelong interest in making movies, and she received her degree in film studies at Beirut’s Saint-Joseph University. Her final year project, “11 Rue Pasteur,” won the 1998 best short film at the Biennale of Arabic Cinema in Paris.
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