Tsr Blog: Who will star in Ready Player One?

This post contains Spoilers if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to miss out on some surprises.

Ready Player One” is last year’s most inventive sci-fi novel. Like a literary Quentin Tarantino, author Ernest Cline takes tropes from ’80s sci-fi and fantasy movies, video games, and books and blends them into their own unique creation. The story primarily takes place in a Mmorpg that blends video games and the world wide web, called the Oasis. The next step after Snow Crash‘s Metaverse, the Oasis is where most people spend their time in 2044. In a vaguely dystopian world that doesn’t sound too different than the present day, people primarily live their lives through their avatars. They live, work, shop, party and go to school online in the Oasis. It’s a computer generated reality that looks very lifelike, so I imagine a sort of
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