Joss Whedon Reveals His 10 Favorite 'Buffy' Eps

Joss Whedon Reveals His 10 Favorite 'Buffy' Eps
Some people have religion. I have Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The seven seasons of Joss Whedon's first born contain some of the most enjoyable and important television moments in my life. I mean, the amount of times I cried with The Scooby Gang, whether through commiseration or sheer sorrow, can not be counted.

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Certain episodes mean more to me than others -- and the same is true for all fans. One man's Band Candy is another man's Hush.

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But for the first time, Joss Whedon is revealing his Top 10 Buffy episodes ever in a Logo marathon, taking place May 19! An unranked list has been released and while there are no surprises on here, it's tough to say which one is going to claim the top spot. Guesses?

Joss Whedon's Top 10 Buffy Episodes


Once More With Feeling

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