"American Idol" Top 4: It's a Phillip's, Phillip's, Phillip's World

Idol is a bubbling cistern of anxiety at this point, and I won't paaaatroniiiize (quoth Hollie's "I Can't Make You Love Me" performance) you with much fanfare before the nitty-gritty. We have four combatants left, and exactly two of them should be shoo-ins for the final episode. And yet, they aren't. Will the finest two vocalists prevail? Because I am telling you they might be going. Bawl for us, Jennifer Holliday.

The less said about this week's themes, the better. We had "California Dreamin'," a theme that encompasses all California-set songs, California-born songwriters and singers, and basically anyone else, and we also had the bizarre cryptogram "Songs You Wish You'd Written." Uh? Do any of these kids write songs? Let's leave the heavy lifting to Goffin and King, and not to the girl who needed an interpreter for the meaning of Journey's "Faithfully." (Ahem, Hollie.) Still, I must claim my
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