Jenna Fischer On The Offscreen Romance That Changed Her Life In The Giant Mechanical Man

Jenna Fischer's TV counterpart Pam Halpert may have come into her own over the seven seasons of The Office, but she's still not a whole lot like the bubbly, energetic actress Fischer is in real life. At the same time, remember the episode when Pam talked her way into becoming Dunder-Mifflin's office manager, taking over all the tiny details of the office that no one else remembered to handle? Turns out that's exactly something FIscher would do-- and what she did when she signed on as the producer of her husband Lee Kirk's film The Giant Mechanical Man. Sometimes when actors sign on as producers, it's a glorified title that basically means they helped get the money to make it. But Fischer, who also stars in the film as a shy woman who falls for a street performer (Chris Messina), was doing plenty of the grunt work-- filling out paperwork,
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