'Lost' Steve Jobs interview discovered in garage

Hour-long interview with Apple founder, who died last year, to be released in cinemas

An hour-long "lost" interview with the late Steve Jobs will be released in cinemas next week, after it was acquired for Us distribution. Magnolia Pictures is hoping that Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will spark the interest of legions of admirers of the former CEO of Apple Inc and Pixar, who died in 2011.

Technology writer Robert X Cringely (aka Mark Stephens) spoke to Jobs in 1995 as part of a series, The Triumph of the Nerds, a history of the personal computer originally filmed for Channel 4. At the time, Jobs was running NeXT, the computer company he founded after quitting Apple – and shortly before Apple acquired NeXT, enabling Jobs to return to the company he co-founded.

Small portions of the interview have been used in TV broadcasts, but the complete footage was thought lost until the
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