Top 10 Actors Turned Film Directors

It’s surprising just how many actors have tried their hands at directing. Most make one or two pet projects and than slink back to the day job (Ahem, Tom HanksLarry Crowne… I say no more!), whilst others carve out an interesting second career behind the camera.

Below is what I feel are the top 10 actors turned directors….

10. Paddy Considine

Films: Tyrannosaur.

It might be risky starting this list with a director with only one feature film under his belt, but when that film is 2011’s Tyrannosaur, it is entirely justified. Building on his superb Bafta award winning short film Dog Altogether, Tyrannosaur is an incredibly emotional watch. Considine lets his camera stand back and devotes the film to his cast, which includes Peter Mullen in a career best turn and revelation Olivia Coleman.

What’s next: Nothing on the radar just yet, but hopefully we wont have to wait to long!
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