The Avengers Movie: International Box Office

The Avengers movie: Clark Gregg, Chris Hemsworth The Avengers‘ box-office gross overseas has broken a number of official records. In 39 territories, the Disney / Marvel release earned an estimated $178.4 million, with much more to come once the action flick opens in Russia, Japan, and China. The Avengers‘ budget, by the way, is an estimated $220 million. In other words, without the international market, movies like The Avengers would never get made. According to Disney International, The Avengers had the best opening weekend ever in territories as varied as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and The Philippines. The top international market was the United Kingdom ($24.7m), followed by Australia ($19.7m), Mexico ($15.9m), South Korea ($12.9m), France ($12.7m), Brazil ($11.3m), and Italy ($10.4m). Though at the no. 1 spot this weekend, The Avengers performed more modestly in Spain ($7.3m) and Germany ($6.7m). In both markets, by the way, the biggest 2012 hit
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