‘I Am Legend’ Director Francis Lawrence Will Be ‘Catching Fire’

  • Cinelinx
Damn, it seems like Catching Fire has been all everyone's been talking about in the last few weeks. Then again, with the first film still raving theaters across the world and the next film set to begin shooting in the next few months, it's really no surprise. For the most part, most of the news has been about who would replace director Gary Ross for the sequel, Catching Fire. And it seems Lionsgate has finally made its choice: none other than I Am Legend and Constantine director Francis Lawrence.

 Now first things first; things aren't Entirely official regarding Lawrence's hiring. Lionsgate has sent out an "offer" for Francis Lawrence, which is Hollywood speak that illustrates the ball is basically in Lawrence's court. They want to hire him, and it's his call to take the job. But judging how he has no current projects in the works, has his summer relatively free,
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